When your home or business is in need of plumbing repairs American Rooter is the company to call. Whether you have a major plumbing problem or just a clogged drain, we will be there for you at any hour of the day or night. We can have a service technician at your door within an hour of your call ready to solve your plumbing concerns and return your peace of mind. Before any work begins, you will be told the price and what is involved. We want your experience to be stress-free, fast and professional. Call us today, we service residential, commercial, restaurants, and property owners.




*WATER LINES                        *GAS LINES                                 *SEWER LINE REPAIR





Service & Repairs

Pricing may vary after business hours and weekends.

Drains Cleaning

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning

Bathtub/shower Drain Cleaning

Washing Machine Drain Cleaning

Garbage Disposer Clog

Floor Drain Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Lateral Cleaning (Through outside clean-out opening)

Sewer Lateral Cleaning (Through pulled toilet; Reset with new wax ring)

Toilet Clog

Unclog Toilet 

Unclog Toilet (By removing toilet to retrieve object; Reset with new wax ring)

Installation services


Toilet Installation (Includes: disposing of old toilet)

Toilet Leaking/Constant Running 

Toilet Wax Ring Replacement 

Toilet Flush Handle Replacement 

Toilet Shut-Off Valve & Water Supply Line Replacement 

Toilet Flange Replacement/Install 


Faucet Installation

Repair Leaking Pipes 

Wall Mounted Faucet Leak Repair 

Garbage Disposer Repair 

Garbage Disposer & Wiring Installation

Dishwasher Air Gap & Hose Installation 

Kitchen sink Strainer Installation 

Under Sink Drain Pipes Replacement/Installation 

Shut-Off Valve & Water Supply Line Replacement 

Kitchen Sink, Faucet, and Drains Installation (

Bathroom Sink 

Faucet Installation

Repair Leaking Pipes 

Pop Up Assembly Drain Repair 

Pop Up Assembly Drain Replacement 

Under Sink Drain Pipes Replacement/Installation 

Shut-Off Valve  & Water Supply Line Replacement 

Pedestal Sink, Faucet, and Drains Installation 

Cabinet Sink, Faucet, and Drains Installation 

Shower & Tub 

Tub Spout Installation/Replacement 

Leaking Tub Spout (Tap) & Shower Head Repair 

Shower/Tub Handles Installation

Shower Head Installation

Shower/Tub Trim

Shower Cartridge, Stem, & Diverter Installation 

Tub Stopper Assembly & Face Plate installation 

Tub/Shower Drain Installation/Replacement 

Tub/Shower Valve and Trim Installation/Replacement 

wATER hEATER services


Gas Water Heater Relight

Gas Water Heater Repair (Pilot not staying lit

Gas Water Heater Leaking Repair

Gas Water Heater Preventative Maintenance (Flush Water Heater

Gas Water Heater Replacement (28 Gallons - 48 Gallons;   of water heater)

Gas Water Heater Replacement (50 Gallons - 75 Gallons; Disposal of water heater)

Tankless Gas Water Heater Preventative Maintenance (Flush Water Heater

Tankless Gas Water Heater Installation 

Tankless Electric Water Heater Replacement 

rEPlacement/Installation services


Drain Line Repair/Replacement/Installation

Sewer Lateral Repair/Replacement/Installation

Install Sewer Clean-out (Under slab of concrete/soil)

Water Line Repair/Replacement/Installation

Gas Line Repair/Replacement/Installation

Water Pressure Regulator

Earthquake Gas Safety Valve

Hose Bibs Replacement/Installation

Washing Machine & Outside Hose Bibs Replacement/Installation

Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Line




​           No job is too big or too small. Call to get an over the phone estimate for most jobs.

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